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Divine Warrior Training: Manifesting the Divine in Our World

In his first book, Divine Warrior Training: Manifesting the Divine in Our World, author Thomas Capshew, Ph.D., provides us with the framework and tools to reconnect us to our divine legacy, heal our wounds, and manifest the divine in our world. This time is now for us to expand our consciousness to move from wounding to healing, from judging to embracing, and from finding differences to remembering sameness.

We are the divine! Divine Warrior Training assists us in thinking, acting and speaking out of our divine essence. Section 1 provides the framework and Section 2 provides tools for applying the truths to our lives.

No matter what path of awakening we are walking, Divine Warrior Training encompasses and celebrates our path. Whatever our current understanding of the divine, this book will affirm, challenge, and expand us.

Order Divine Warrior Training directly from the author at www.thomascapshew.com