The Book

Consciousness Rising provides hope for the future of humankind. Thomas Capshew outlines a roadmap and vision of what our lives and world will be like when we become the Love we were created to be. Working from the premise that humans emanate from our common Creator, Capshew describes ways we have found value in each other that come up short. Over millennia, this practice has created and normalized a shared “dominator consciousness,” devaluing other humans to seek survival through wealth and power: power over. We have been living under this illusion, sapping our potential.
Capshew defines the intelligence that created the universe as “Consciousness” and the energy used by Consciousness to conceive and maintain the seen world as “Love”. The author emphasizes that our Creator designs us with inherent value. Consciousness creates power with. Power with creates harmony with our Creator and with each other. When in harmony, our heart directs our life, aligning us with our inherent passion and purpose for living.
Finally, Capshew illuminates ways to create a collective human consciousness that works for all people and our planet to provide conditions for life to thrive. Consciousness is rising. Consciousness has provided within us and around us the resources we need to become the Love we were created to be. As we clear the wounds of our individual and collective past, we cannot help but join Consciousness Rising.